Wild Garlic Pesto. Simple and satisfying to the last!

This great tasting Wild Garlic Pesto captures the full-on pungency of wild garlic, and can be ready in minutes.

Before making this fantastic wild garlic pesto, first of all be sure you are harvesting wild garlic leaves and not a poisonous lookalike plant, lords and ladies (discussed in the previous post).

Wild garlic leaves pop up on late winter, and growing through into the late spring
Wild garlic leaves in late winter / early spring


You will need:

A pestle and mortar or food processor

Two large handfuls of wild garlic leaves – chopped

(optional) A small handful of ground ivy

Decent glugs of olive oil or a good organic rapeseed oil

Pine nuts / hazelnuts / soaked sunflower seeds

Wild garlic and lords and ladies will often be found growing together in woodland
Wild garlic leaves and the arrow-shaped lords and ladies (Arum maculatum) togetherin woodland, as they often are

Handful of basil leaves – chopped finely

Lemon juice or cider vinegar

Salt, pepper

Possibly a splash of water


Suggested method

Gently rinse the leaves under water and dry them gently

Roughly chop the wild garlic and basil.

Take the garlic and basil leaves, pine nuts and good glugs of oilve oil and blitz in a processor or pestle and mortar. Add enough oil for your desired consistency.

Wild garlic pesto

Add the lemon juice or vinegar gradually until happy with the flavour

Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Add a tad of water or more olive oil for the desired pesto consistency


Eat with anything! Enjoy!

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Wild Garlic Pesto
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