Children playing, a horse and Hedge-u-cation logo

Hedge-U-Cation events promote off-grid camping, and so facilities are basic.

We provide clean drinking water and handwashing facilities, at various points.

There are compost loos as well as portaloos, with a wheelchair-accessible portaloo also provided.

We will have solar shower washrooms this year, with solar shower bags for you to fill and heat in the sun.

There are Fire Points around the site; please make a note of where they are in relation to your camp when you set up.

First Aid and more water points are located at the information tent, at the main gate.

There will be no electrical hook-ups or places to refreeze cool packs, so please bear this in mind when packing your food.

The Community Café provides tea, coffee, cake and vegetarian/vegan food all day, at very reasonable prices. There are also shops about 15 minutes drive down the road, where you can replenish your stores.

Rubbish and recycling

We have recycling points and bins; please use them correctly! Also, recyclables can be often be used at the camp for the purpose of art and crafts. If you have collected any items that you think could be useful for craft workshops in the Hedge Kids Children’s Area or Craft Area, please ask around before disposing of them.

We ask that you don’t bring glass on to site. If you do, then it is important that you deal with your glass waste responsibly. We do not provide glass bins, so please take your empty bottles home. There are bottle banks in the local village.

Hedge-U-cation events have a “Leave No Trace” policy. This means that each person attending must take responsibility for their own rubbish. We provide bin bags for people to collect their rubbish in and transport it away from the site. Make sure you keep the area around your camp tidy. All litter must be picked up and disposed of responsibly.


Taking into account that the site is in fields and is slightly slave to the weather, we will endeavour to make it as accessible as possible. If the land is dry enough and you have accessibility needs, it is of course possible to bring your car to where you are camped and then return it to the car parking. If it’s not possible to get the car near to where you are camped, we have horse and carts to help with transport. For any questions about accessibility, please contact us.

There will be a wheelchair accessible portaloo provided.