Small child with a large dog

We welcome dogs at Hedge-U-cation camps, and there is no additional ticket charge to bring them. We have some really straightforward rules to follow, to keep the site clean and safe for everyone:

  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times! The other end of the lead needs to be attached to either a human or an immovable object.
  • Clean up after your dog! Please put bagged waste in the bins provided, or take it off site yourself with your camp rubbish. Please use biodegradable bags where possible.
  • You can walk your dog off site in a gorgeous Devon woodland. Please be aware that there are woodland walks and foraging workshops that also go on in the area around the camp, so you must still pick up waste.
  • Any dog found roaming without their human will be taken to the puppy pound and a charge incurred to retrieve them (any money collected we will donate to a cause of our choice at the end of the festival).
  • Any dog found roaming more than three times will be asked to leave with their owner.
  • There are sheep in the adjacent field. Please be extra aware of this at all times! We have a really good relationship with the landowners, and we’d like to keep it that way. Even if your dog is OK with sheep, they must be on a lead at all times.

These rules have nothing to do with how well behaved your dog is – we must keep the site clean and safe. We really appreciate your help in doing this, so that we can keep future Hedge-U-cation camps dog friendly!

child holding a puppy