Children playing, a horse and Hedge-U-cation logo

Hedge-U-cation family camp – fallow year 2021


First and foremost, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU and massive respect to everyone who made Hedge-U-cation Family Camp 2019 happen. Everyone gives so much time and energy and love to the event and everyone who attends adds to the magic.

Following much thought and discussion on the most sustainable way to move forward, Hedge-U-cation Family Camp will NOT be happening next year in 2020. We have unanimously decided to have a FALLOW YEAR for the following reasons:

♥ We feel we have organically evolved over the last 6 years – and what a journey it has been! Through your feedback, we have endeavoured to each year make the camp better.

♥ The land needs a rest. The site is beautiful and we are really aware of footfall and the impact we could have. Recognizing what magic it gives us and being respectful and thankful is important. We want to build a sustainable model moving forward that is grounded in a supportive environment with a sound ethos and belief and this includes the wellbeing of the land.

♥ Dogs – We have had dogs being let off leads and run around which then means they mess and its doesn’t get picked up – this is not ok. Also, loose dogs running into marquees at head height for our young ones is not safe if they get stood on and could react. Sheep-worrying – the land has sheep all around it and the farmer supports us massively. We need every dog owner to be responsible at ALL TIMES.. We need your cooperation to make this happen, and without it Hedge-U-cation will have to become a dog-free event. (which we don’t want)

♥ We will also be supporting our own volunteer crew, we feel that nurturing the core team is important, sharing the workload, updating training and continued development. Many of us live far apart so time for discussion and team building can be difficult at times. Also, the upkeep the of the equipment, decor and infrastructure needs attention, so this time will help us to do all this alongside our working and family lives. We will come back in 2021 refreshed. with new ideas, workshops and structures.
If you have any ideas and feedback to share, such as workshops you would like or your experience, please share this to help us to move forward and build a sustainable camp, embedded with a clear ethos. Contact us with your thoughts and ideas, as we will be using the next year and a half to develop a community development group to restructure the camp and work together to look at the future vision and how it will work and run.

We are a grassroots event that would like to remain this way and with your input we can continue to celebrate that.

It’s amazing what comes together when we get together in a field.

Hedge-U-cation family camp – fallow year 2021