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Workshops at Hedge-U-Cation 2017

Workshops to be held at this year’s camp

This is not an exhaustive list! Workshops are subject to change and alteration right up until the week of the camp. There are likely to be workshops and pop-up events not included on this list, so keep your eyes open…

Arts and Crafts area

Copper smithing
Diddley bows: make your own bow
One string guitar making
Green woodworking
Willow weaving
Earth Circus
Noz bugs with Tinkan Designs
Bamboo Flute Making
Barge painting your own horse shoes
Chalk carving freestyle
Make your own paddle boats
Peg loom Weaving
Stone carving
Spoon Carving
Make your own clay bowls and kiln to fire them in
Make Wild Hats and Fascinators with Hapitat
Tanning, skinning and gutting with the Rewild Project
Green man mask making
Hazel chair making demo and make your own hazel basket

More tbc.

Equine activities: Meet and learn about the horses

We also have lots of activities taking place in our dedicated Horse Area, including but not limited to: horse psychology, grooming, learning to lead, horse agility, horse logging, tacking up, tack cleaning, mindfulness and meditation, and lots of games and activities. Find out more about our Horse Area and Activities here.

Kids’ Area

In addition to the workshops listed above, we have an exciting range of activities and things to do for kids, including our very youngest guests! Find out more about our Kids’ Area and activities here.

Youth Space

The Youth Space provides an area for the tweenagers and teenagers to be themselves. There will be workshops and activities to take part in run throughout the week in the Youth Space. Try your hand at sewing, making dream catchers and record painting/making decor from vinyl records, create some street art, learn first aid skills and how to make sound transmitters, take part in DJ and parkour workshops and learn something new with our fun science, french and spanish lessons.

At the weekend, the Youth Space will become the Dance Tent, giving our young DJs and performers a stage to showcase their talents, alongside the Hedge-U-cation DJs.

Wild Food Foraging with Ipso Phyto

Join in for our daily wild food foraging walks and plant identification workshops, plus learn about lacto-fermentation, wild food preparation and cookery, in the Wild Food Lab! Find out more, and see the full programme of Wild Food workshops and events here.

Vintage farm machinery: a twist of country life

We will have a display of vintage machinery at the weekend, with an apple press and vintage corn bundler.

How to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop, please visit the office once you have set up your camp, find out the final list of what’s on and where, and where applicable, put your name/s down to book your place.

All workshops are run by experienced facilitators on a voluntary basis. They are all absolutely free, but there will be a donations box. If you value the skills you are learning, and can afford it, please consider donating towards the amazing amount of time and love our volunteers give to Hedge-U-cation Family Camp.