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Tickets: The Full Run Down

*Tickets for the Hedge-u-cation Family camp have completely SOLD OUT!!
If you haven’t already bought or reserved your ticket, we’re sorry, but we’re completely full.

Check out our Hedge-u-cation August Weekender if you’d still like to catch up for a bit of Hedge-u-cation this summer…*

Hedge-u-cation is a not-for-profit organisation. All workshops are run by volunteers, who come together to share their skills in a relaxed environment that’s more than family-friendly, it’s family-focused!

There are various running and logistics costs that still apply when running a week long camp, and our prices are reflected to keep the ticket price as low as possible while still breaking even and paying for the long list of expenses.

We break our tickets down into Monday – Friday, Weekend Only or the full length of the camp. These tickets are available in advance online. Online ticket bookings are subject to a small service charge/booking fee. Day tickets will be available on the gate only.

Prices are as follows:

Adult Under 18 Under 5
Full week: 9am Mon – 9pm Sun £90 £45 FREE
Weekend: 9am Fri – 9pm Sun £50 £20 FREE
Week: 9am Mon – 5pm Fri £70 £40 FREE

The prices above include camping with no additional charge for campervans, caravans, trucks, yurts, benders and tipis – all welcome!

Tickets are available to buy online in advance here

Click here for details about day tickets (camping not included)