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What an amazing week. thanks to everyone involved bloody marvellous x

The best fun you can have with ya tiddler!!

FANTABULOUS!!!! What a lovely, very special event!!!

Fantastic event for all ages. Well done to everyone involved great for spreading little ones’ wings.

A fantastic event with wonderful people.. Free workshops everyday.. Definitely be back next year! 🙂

That was AMAZING! What a lovely slice of gorgeousness! Sorry we had to leave early but so glad we came. Xxx

Thank you all you beautiful people. Had an excellent time with you all. xxx

Wow – big huge enormous thanks with extra hugs to absolutely everyone involved….. What a gorgeous thing to see & be part of. Feelin very lucky & blessed right now. xx

Big thanks to everyone at HedgeUcation & the Something Else solar stage ,amazing festival & vibes, one love from the Kara Roots family x

HedgeUcation thank you all so much for everything you all made possible so much love it’s making me feel good priceless experience so love our extended family 🙂

KilnAboy send love and thanks to an amazing place full of equally amazing people. X X X

MASSIVE respect for what you all created there…definitely gonna come for the whole week next year… loved being a part of it xx

thanks for an amazing time the camp was awesome, the kids loved it, so many fantastic things to do and lovely people, can’t wait till next year xxx

Massive thanks to the beautiful creative Angie and all the incredible workshop people. Lara who never ceases to amaze. too many involved to mention all, hats off to the fae. xxxx

Had an great time alfie shattered, fair play to all involved amazing for only your second year

thank u HedgeUcation myself and my son had a lovely chilled time….and I had a great dance last night xx

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