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Hedge Fest line-up | Family Camp weekend celebration

Hedge Fest Weekend Celebration

We are very lucky to have a wonderful selection of bands, artists and performers at Hedge Fest! Dance the night away to sets from some excellent musicians and DJs.

Main Stage Fri/Sat/Sun

Inner Terrestrials


Tarantism Duo

The Brewers Daughter

Dub the Earth

Phat Bollard

Dog s##te

Fire Pit Collective

Mad Dog Collective

One Eyed God

Pure Mischief

The Wyrd Sisters

Dusk at Dawn’s

Doozer McDooze


Rosie Swayne

Long Drop


Cara Means Friend

Dog Sick Seven

More to be confirmed! Keep checking this page for information on the bands and DJs who will be performing at Hedge Fest 2018.

Hedge Fest stages are powered entirely by solar power, with thanks to Tony Solar from the Mobile Solar Stage.