Hedge-u-cation header image: a set of 4 photos from the camp and the Hedge-u-cation logo


Hedge-u-cation came to being in 2006, and was named by my daughter who was then 7. I was home educating my children whilst walking through England with a horse and cart. We had lost faith in the education system and their ability to offer both my children what they needed to thrive and learn. All around us in nature everyday there was opportunities to learn and experience so many skills and knowledge and all of us embraced this, enjoying the whole process of education in the moment that was practical and wholesome.

Since then I have been running workshops throughout the country at various events taking and embracing this learning style. The family camp is an extension of this as sharing a whole week gives time for developing and exploring the skills workshops and activities on offer and have time to build confidence and performances, art, music, dance, to be shown at the weekend and celebrated.

Hedge-u-cation also comes from a sustainable self sufficient way of life that believes in looking after our planet and the beings that live here, and preserving rural skills and old ways of life.

РAngi Whitehead, Festival Instigator