woodworking, hands holding hammer

Hedge-U-cation facilitates a range of workshops and activities, sharing traditional skills and crafts such as woodwork, metalwork, coppicing, basket-making, horticulture, wild food foraging and growing and preparing food. We also hold sessions exploring mindfulness, music and performance.

We foster a family-centred approach, and welcome family groups and individuals of all ages.

We believe that learning new skills together in the outdoor environment promotes resilience, helps to improve social, emotional and physical well-being, and strengthens communities.

We also feel that skill-sharing encourages independence, increases confidence and self-esteem in individuals and can help to reduce social anxiety.

That’s why we structure our courses to be inclusive and accessible for everyone, including people living with mental and/or physical health issues, people with complex needs, children exhibiting challenging behaviour, people from hard-to-reach communities and the long-term unemployed.