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hedgeucation forest school devon

The Hedge-U-cation Forest School is based in Collaford Wood, Blackawton, Devon. We run Forest School sessions for all ages, including forest arts, bushcraft, forestry skills such as coppicing, environmental conservation and more.

Reconnecting with nature in the woods gives us opportunities to learn about our environment, plants and animals, take part in fun and creative challenges, learn traditional rural crafts and take part in ecological restoration.

At Hedge-U-cation Forest School we operate a participant-led approach. Sessions are facilitated by qualified Forest School practitioners, who recognise that through play and experience in nature, a deeper learning can be achieved. We feel that fostering a connection with the natural world can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves.

We offer Forest School sessions for the following groups:

  • One to one, for individuals (ages 6+)
  • Small group intervention (ages 6+)
  • Birthday parties
  • Home education groups (ages 6-13)
  • Family sessions (all ages)
  • Team-building days (18+)

For information about Hedge-U-cation Forest School, please contact us here.