Some of the feedback we have received from Hedge-U-cation participants:

“As a family, we came to Hedge-U-cation from inner-city life. I have a history of depression and have struggled with my mental health for years. Being in nature at Hedge-u-cation and taking part in the workshops together as a family, changed our relationship with each other. We had fun and laughed together, learnt new skills which now I am sharing with others and feel confident to do so, and my son has continued his passion for carving wood, blacksmithing, and archery. Thank you.”

“My daughter had no confidence and spent much time alone not communicating or socially interacting with her peers before we came to Hedge-u-cation. Since the week camp we attended, she has made new friends that she is regulary in contact with, also has more confidence and through the activities with the horses, forest school and the performance to name just a few of the activities. Her confidence and social skills have blossomed, and her ability to have empathy and communicate better has all grown since our time there. Thank you, we will be back.”

“My teenager,  has had to deal with some educational and learning difficulties since primary; Hedge-U-cation has been a fantastic opportunity for her to develop core, practical, social and craft skills in a tolerant and supportive environment. Our journey there and the time spent connecting and reconnecting with people and nature has huge benefits to us both, as individuals and as a family. I’d strongly recommend it to people with children of all ages… She has now returned to school and is managing better to engage xx”

“I feel good when im with the horses, they make me feel happy inside, i learnt so much about them, and how to communicate with them.”

“I feel like I can do anything now!, before the camp I never felt confident enough to get involved, now I know I can just do it!”

“I never knew that the travelling community had so much to give, I only know what i have seen on the tv, which led me to believe that all travellers are racist and sexist, Now i know this is not true.”

If you’d like to send us feedback about your experience of Hedge-U-cation events, projects, workshops or activities, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us a message here, or visit our contact page.