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Daily Archive: Friday, June 26, 2015


Taking into account that the site is in fields and is slightly slave to the weather, we will endeavour to make it as accessible as possible. If the
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We welcome dogs at Hedge-u-cation and there is no additional ticket charge to bring them. There’s some really straightforward rules to follow to keep the site clean and
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Run a workshop

Many of the workshops that ran in May 2015 hope to return next year. If you have an idea for a workshop that you’d like to run at
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Thank you!

We all feel that 2015 has been an absolutely AMAZING success. So many happy faces and warm words have been shared as the week drew to a close.
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Hedge-U-Cation camp promotes off grid camping and so facilities are basic. There will be no electrical hook-ups or places to refreeze cool packs, so please bear this in
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Hedge-u-cation came to being in 2006, and was named by my daughter who was then 7. I was home educating my children whilst walking through England with a
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